Haapavesi Folk Music Festival
28.6. – 30.6.2018


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Haapavesi Folk Music Festival

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Haapavesi Folk Music Festival is a special summer event held every year in the end of June, just after our midsummer. The festival consists of a five days long folk music course followed by the actual folk music Festival spanning four to five days.

The Festival was founded in 1989 and the heart of the festival, the Folk Course, a few years earlier in 1987. The program of the festival consists of high quality folk music acts all over the world. Most of the artists represent the Finnish folk music scene, but international artists from all around the world form an essential part of the programme every year. The music from Ireland and North America is in the spotlight every year among music from other different and sometimes exotique countries and cultures. In addition, children haven’t been forgotten when it comes to the selection of artists.

The programme consists of workshops, seminars and concerts in different stages, many of them acoustic. Teachers of the Folk course come from Finland and abroad as well. The course offers the participants the opportunity of getting familiar with different music cultures while also providing first-rate guidance in specific instruments. The course is targeted for all folk music lovers regardless of age. Children have their own teachers in the programme. The festival is organised by the Haapavesi Folk association with a small personnel and a large important group of volunteer workers.

The artistic group of the festival crafts the programme for the festival and the course. See photos of previous festivals – Haapavesi Folk Music Festival!

Program 2018

The list of the artists 2018 and their website/MySpace/Facebook links are updated to the ”Esiintyjät”-page.


 Haapavesi Folk Music Festival will be organized for the 30th time and it remains as one of the pearls of the Finnish festival season. Programme is filled with folk and world music along with music for children, jazz, rock and classical music.


The 32st Haapavesi Folk summer course upholds the same values as the festival itself: internationality, high level of competence and diversity. Without the course there would not be a festival and vice versa. Many of the performers on stage are also giving lessons in the course. The summer course will be the 107th Folk course when all the courses since 1987 are taken into account.

The courses organized in the Haapavesi Folk High School will have teachers from different countries. Among the traditional instrument and singing courses there will be specialized courses on pair dancing, Laulunkieli-course and children’s course. The variety is broad from old music to pop and Swedish polska to American styles. Over 200 participants are to be waited for the courses. The most popular instruments are string instruments and violin. Children and families will have guided activities for the whole week.

The event’s art director 2018 is Teija Niku. Timo Hannula will be the course director.

Contact information


Timo Hannula
Mob. +358 44 759 1298

Ingrid Dits
Mob. +358 40 868 2290

Executive director

Pirjo Karjalainen
Mob. +358 44 333 9333

Festival office

Haapavesi Folk r.y.
Teknotalo 1 B
86600 Haapavesi

Folk-park (the festival area)

Teollisuustie 2, Haapavesi

Program /Artistic Director

Teija Niku

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